AirBNB contact number – 0870 186 5255

Having AirBNB contact number is important people who would like to book accommodations and find out about AirBNB UK’s holiday lettings. As a fast growing company, AirBNB is one of the most popular sites for people to rent out as well as book holiday accommodations, be it a spare room, apartment or an entire house. Besides, with an ever-increasing customer base, AirBNB has thousands of listings in a number of nations, which ensures that each of AirBNB’s customers is fully satisfied.

AirBNB operates in the same way a social networking website works. In this sense, AirBNB allows a number of hosts to make listings, while at the same time making it possible for people to connect with them on the website. This allows many of the people interacting with AirBNB to organize for stays in the most convenient way. Additionally, AirBNB UK’s website also lists a number of reviews of listings from previous visitors in order to allow hosts develop reputations based on accommodation provided in addition to service quality.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call AirBNB directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services020 3318 1111

In case of any issue with the website, there are a number of avenues to resolve issues with AirBNB. For instance, AirBNB contact number may be used to reach AirBNB’s customer service with much ease. AirBNB complaints department offers another way in which people can easily lodge complaints related to difficulties with the use of the website or service quality and receive assistance. In addition, using AirBNB helpline is another way to reach AirBNB’s representatives in case one encounters problems with AirBNB’s services.

Phoning the AirBNB contact number​

AirBNB UK has AirBNB phone number and people can call anytime to talk with AirBNB booking experts to either discover the company’s attractive hotel offerings or lodge complaints with the company’s services.

Reasons Why to Call AirBNB Phone number or AirBNB helpline

• If the accommodation booked is not what one expected

• In case one feels dissatisfaction with the host’s services or feels mistreated

• If one’s accommodation has been cancelled by the host at the last minute

• If the accommodation given is different to what was initially described in the offering

• In case AirBNB guest cancels and refuses to pay the cancellation fee

• In case AirBNB guest has left the host’s property in unsuitable condition or in case of any property destruction

• If AirBNB guest fails to arrive at the time specified

AirBNB phone number - when should I call?

It is important that people experiencing issues with AirBNB contact the company through its AirBNB contact number. In fact, AirBNB contact number is specified in the company’s website so that people can pass across their complaints without difficulty. AirBNB phone number is available for call from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

AirBNB complaints - do I need to call the AirBNB customer service number?

AirBNB is a renowned accommodation site, which allows people to book rooms inside the host’s house, or even rent an entire house for a specified period, paying the host per night. AirBNB has also put a review system for both the hosts and visitors to evaluate AirBNB previous users. The site fundamentally operates on trust. While the AirBNB continues to grow in terms of popularity, people may find that they have arrived to unsuitable rooms, or hosts may have problems with payment. This means that using AirBNB does not come without problems.

The AirBNB complaints and AirBNB helpline is open for people with any issue that they may have using the AirBNB site. People may also call AirBNB contact number if a host refuses to guarantee a request to stay somewhere without providing a convincing reason, or even cancels one’s booking, leaving them with little time to find other alternatives.

Equally, if the host rents a room and the guest breaks AirBNB cancellation policy, it is important to call AirBNB complaints or AirBNB contact number for an amicable resolution.

AirBNB complaint process

For Guests

For any issue with AirBNB services, it is recommended that guest attempt and reach for AirBNB contact number to resolve the issue with their hosts. To contact AirBNB, guests can visit their bookings and choose to message them. In case AirBNB team fails to respond, one can contact them using AirBNB phone number or even through AirBNB helpline, which are listed in the AirBNB’s website

For Hosts

AirBNB’s host too may reach AirBNB in order to ensure that their services runs smoothly as possible. In case of any complaint, either calling the AirBNB contact number or AirBNB complaint would help. AirBNB hosts can also visit the company’s website to get their problems solved.

Twitter Support

AirBNB has also provided additional support apart from Facebook and AirBNB contact number. To receive support, people can reach AirBNB on Twitter using the following link

Facebook Support

Apart from AirBNB contact number, people may also lodge complaints as well as seek for assistance using the Facebook support in AirBNB website. This may be done through posting complaints online and AirBNB experts are always available to assist wherever possible. AirBNB’s Facebook support is

AirBNB Opening Hours

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