EA Sports contact number – 0870 186 5256

EA sports contact number is the most searched contact by many people not only in the UK, but also across the continent today. In essence, the culture of video gaming has tremendously evolved over time in the United Kingdom. In the capital, London, video gaming is fast becoming a major hub due to increasing and innovative video game development centres, which has increased exponentially among many of the Londoners.

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If you would prefer to call EA Sports directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services020 3318 1111

In particular, FIFA from EA Sports is the most rated as well as popular video game among many of the video lovers in London, UK. Given the many difficulties experienced by customers in their efforts to use the EA Sports, there is need for reliable information regarding EA contact number for ease of service. With EA Sports contact number, people will be easily connected through call straight to the customer service department of the company they need to speak to. The EA Sports contact number therefore, makes it much unproblematic for people to contact EA Sports help desk and receive answers for unresolved queries quickly.

The EA Sports contact number may be used for all the EA Sports support functions including the following:-

• Battlefield as well as Battlefront

• Origin

• FIFA 16

• UFC, and

• Tiger Woods Golf

Using the EA Sports contact number people would be able to speak to a member of the EA Sports customer service and get help with a number of issues including:-

• Problems with setting up an origin/EA account

• Problems related to linking Origin account with AE games, including such games as FIFA, Battlefield as well as Tiger Woods

• Issues related to changing the Origin/AE bank and purchasing details, and

• Issues associated with changing Origin/AE email and password, including verifying Origin/AE accounts

Phone calls to EA Sports - how to get the most from your phone call to the EA Sports customer service helpline

There have been many, many EA Sports contact numbers for lodging complaints and calling for help over the past years. However, EA Sports keep updating its EA Sports contact number for improved services all the time, and it is important that customers keep abreast with the most up-to-date EA Sports contact number. The EA Sports contact number becomes the bridge of help and advice between a customer and the EA Sports representatives. The main job of these advisors include answering people’s questions about games and explaining to them what they should do in order to solve their issues. To specific technical issues and complaints, EA Sports have the support of the game experts.

Thus, the Origin/AE phone support is (08700250079), which is a number that can be used within the UK from Monday to Saturday 9.00 Am-9.00 Pm GMT. This number can be used to seek help from game advisors on the listed problems above. Other situations one should ask for help from the AE Sports advisors using the EA Sports contact number are:-

• If FIFA or Ultimate Team players have disappeared

• In case of any other question, complaint, suggestion, or billing issue about the game

• In case of any FIFA points loss

• In case of problems loading the game or getting access of the account

Nevertheless, EA Sports advisors are not the only way to receive assistance/support for origin/EA Sports. Many other available channels may be used when experiencing problems with origin/EA Sports such as Twitter, Facebook and the website.

Otherway ways to contact EA Sports: do I need to call the EA Sports contact number?

Aside from EA sports contact number, people can also lodge complaints and seek for assistance using the Facebook support in the EA sports website. This can be done through posting the complaint online and game experts are always available and ready to assist wherever possible. To get access to Facebook support, the following link can be used facebook.com/easports

Twitter Support

EA sports have also provided additional support apart from Facebook and EA sports contact number. To obtain support, one can reach out on Twitter of AE support using the following link twitter.com/easports

EA Sports Website

The AE website is yet another important way to find answers or receive assistance for those who cannot use AE Sports contact number. Using the website, one can find the FAQs about Origin or FIFA games. One can therefore, access online help through the website using the following link https://help.ea.com/uk/contact-us/#.

Why People Should Call EA Sports contact number

It is also important to note that people may use the EA Sports contact number to lodge a complaint regarding the individual games that have been purchased. Other issues that may prompt customers to lodge complaints and use the EA Sports contact number to reach resolutions comprise:-

• Loss of players and coins on Ultimate Team

• Issues to deal with EA gaming servers

• Creating, changing as well as resetting security questions on FIFA or Ultimate Team

• Opening or using packs on FIFA or Ultimate Team

• Connecting Origin account to FIFA or Ultimate Team

• Issues with purchasing FIFA 16 or Ultimate Team, and

• Problem playing FIFA or Ultimate Team games

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